Everything You Want to Know about the iS CLINICAL Skincare Line

Are you looking for high-quality skincare products to use between professional treatments? You’re not the only one… Unfortunately, most people spend thousands of dollars on over-the-counter products just to be disappointed by the results. You need at-home skincare that is worth every penny. The good news is Ethos MedSpa’s new partnership with iS CLINICAL offers the perfect solution. The iS CLINICAL skincare line can help you address a wide variety of skin concerns and keep your complexion looking its best between treatments!

We’re thrilled to be able to offer iS CLINICAL products at our facility, as they’re made using clinically proven formulas. They not only prevent premature skin dullness but also leave the skin smoother, more radiant, and healthier overall.  

Let’s find out what makes the iS CLINICAL skincare line so unique and whether the products are really worth all the praise…

What Makes the iS CLINICAL Skincare Line Stand Out?

iS CLINICAL isn’t like other skincare products you’ve used in the past. The brand’s core differentiator is the fact that it takes a scientific approach to skincare, using only high-grade botanical ingredients. Simply put, it is best known for its science-based approach to skincare formulations that have continued to deliver impeccable results up to date.  

Having spent years on research and testing, iS CLINICAL has put a lot of effort into producing exceptional skincare products. And those who have used them can attest to the results! iS CLINICAL has received praise and acclaim from several celebrities, countless influencers, and many skin experts. 

There’s no doubt that iS CLINICAL’s science-based approach—marked by evident results—is the real cause of the brand’s glowing reviews and general success. However, that’s not the only reason the iS CLINICAL skincare line stands out from others…

If you prefer to buy from brands that work to make the world a better place, you’ll be happy to learn iS CLINICAL’s success has driven them to take on philanthropic efforts. The company funds cancer research, treatment, and programs that improve the quality of life of those undergoing cancer treatments. Their iS CANCER CARE® program, for example, helps support the well-being of cancer patients. 

How Does the iS CLINICAL Skincare Line Work?

iS CLINICAL focuses its product formulations and processes on the following four steps to great skin: 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect 

The range offers products in each category for a variety of specific skin types and concerns. 

High-quality ingredients such as plant-derived acids and ceramides are usually combined to produce top-notch products that are free from irritation effects. In fact, you can feel safe using the iS CLINICAL skincare line even if you have hypersensitive skin! And if you pick products from each of the four categories (cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect), you will create a complete regimen that is going to deliver noticeable results on your skin.

Further, botanical ingredients such as stem cells and other plant extracts are used to produce products that ensure maximum efficacy on your skin in terms of tangible and visible results in a matter of days. In addition to that, these products can help regenerate your skin, especially after laser services, and delay skin aging. 

What Types of Products are Available?

iS CLINICAL Eclipse SPF 50+ on a sandy background.

The iS CLINICAL skincare line features a wide range of products, such as cleansers, exfoliants, serums, sunscreens, and other grade-A skincare products. What’s great about the line is that it includes solutions that are not only suitable for all skin types but also capable of addressing multiple skin-related challenges.

For example…

  • Harsh or rough texture
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne breakouts 
  • Aging skin 
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Atopic eczema 
  • Dehydrated skin 

And that’s not all! These are just some of the skin conditions and challenges that iS CLINICAL has appropriate treatments and solutions for. 

As a new iS CLINICAL partner, Ethos MedSpa now has several of their best-performing products available for purchase at our facility. Some of these offerings include the following:

  • Cleansing Complex
  • Warming Honey Cleanser
  • Reparative Moisture Emulsion
  • Lip Duo
  • Youth Eye Complex
  • Youth Body Serum
  • Active Serum
  • Hydra-Cool Serum 
  • Pro-Heal Serum Advance +
  • Super Serum Advance +
  • Shield Recovery Balm
  • Eclipse SPF 50+

Like you’d expect from the iS CLINICAL skincare line, these products are made of high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and perfect skin-responsive components. They enhance the skin’s natural glow and beauty while preventing premature dullness of the skin. 

What Benefits Do These Products Offer? 

The iS CLINICAL skincare line has received a lot of hype from celebrities and brand influencers. It has also been featured in several notable magazines. But still, you may still be wondering if it’s worth all the buzz…

For those of us at Ethos MedSpa who have had the opportunity to try out the products, the answer is yes!

This brand is a real beauty game-changer. It treats multiple skin conditions with its vetted and dermatologist-approved products. In fact, the line has been approved to be used on individuals going through chemotherapy and pregnant women. But above all, it helps people to better understand how to take care of their skin. After all, they’ve done the research…

“Human skin is very complex, and creating skincare solutions that work effectively requires precise chemical formulation, extensive knowledge of dermatological bio-chemistry, and the highest-grade ingredients available.

We are committed to incorporating this highest level of clinical validation in all of its products.”


iS CLINICAL products… 

  • Address the signs of aging
  • Protect the skin from outside elements
  • Hydrate and smoothen the skin with clinically approved formulas

Furthermore, they can significantly help the skin to regenerate, grow, and restore its natural complexion after undergoing professional treatments such as IPL photo rejuvenation

And apart from being biochemically rich and cruelty-free, these products also improve and maintain the health and wellness of your skin following their science-based technologies coupled with the many years of research. 

Wrap Up

The iS CLINICAL skincare line combines traditional botanical medicine with advanced scientific formulation expertise. When you use these products in between professional treatments, you’ll only feel confident that your skin will continue to improve. We can safely say that these products are worth trying. If you’re looking for a better way to treat your skin at home, then stop by Ethos MedSpa to browse the iS CLINICAL products we have available! 

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