IPL/PhotoFacial Treatments

If you’re looking for a professional treatment that can rejuvenate your skin and eliminate skin imperfections like discoloration, acne, lines, wrinkles, and textural irregularities, we offer two powerful light-based options that can uncover your skin’s natural beauty. At our Ethos MedSpa locations in Clayton and Chesterfield, MO, we offer photofacials with IPL and PhotoFacial treatments that rely on intense pulsed light and broadband light to perfect the skin and restore a youthful glow.

What Are IPL and PhotoFacial Treatments?

IPL and PhotoFacial treatments are photofacial treatments that can correct skin imperfections with the power of light-based energy. Both treatments can perfect the skin and address skin conditions and textual irregularities, including lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage, redness, discoloration, and more. Both treatments can stimulate a natural increase in collagen and elastin production and help patients achieve younger and healthier skin.

IPL Treatments at Our Clayton Location

At our Clayton location, we offer IPL treatments—this version of the photofacial uses intense pulsed light to quickly and safely transform the skin by removing damaged and discolored skin cells. IPL treatments are an effective option for patients suffering from specific skin imperfections and conditions like broken blood vessels, rosacea, sun damage, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

IPL treatments are corrective and can rejuvenate the skin through a quick, safe, customized treatment process. Intense pulsed light renews the skin with quick light pulses to address common skin concerns. Some of the treatment benefits include the following:

  • Treatments are safe
  • Treatment plans are customizable
  • The device can target the face and different body areas where the skin requires rejuvenation
  • Treatments can correct skin discoloration in a way that many products cannot
  • Treatments can simultaneously address multiple skin issues and concerns
  • Results are often noticeable after the first treatment
  • There is very little social downtime

What To Expect

Before beginning your IPL treatment, we will take the necessary steps to protect your eyes and prepare your skin. Then, we will use our IPL device to target your designated treatment area. As the device delivers intense pulsed light to multiple layers of the skin, that light energy will remove damaged and discolored skin cells, reduce redness, and stimulate natural collagen and elastin production.

Our IPL treatments are corrective and rejuvenating and will help you achieve smoother skin and a uniform and brighter skin tone. Most patients need a series of treatments for optimal results.

Who It’s Right For

Our IPL treatments are a good option for patients who want a non-invasive treatment that can correct skin imperfections, specifically discoloration, poor skin texture, rosacea, lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. If you are interested in our IPL treatments, we can give you more details about the process at your pre-treatment consultation. IPL technology is a great option for patients who are a Fitzpatrick level 1-3. 

We will confirm that you’re a good candidate, provide instructions on preparing for your treatment, and discuss the type of results you can expect from your personalized treatment plan.

PhotoFacial Treatments at Our Chesterfield Location

At our Chesterfield location, we can also use the PhotoFacial device to treat uneven skin tone, visible capillaries, skin texture irregularities, and rosacea and to reduce bruising after neurotoxin or dermal filler injections.

Ethos Smooth Skin PhotoFacial is equipped with a 420 nm blue light that, when applied to the skin, destroys acne-causing bacteria on and beneath the surface. The device also uses yellow light to reduce inflammation and balance the skin.

Ethos Skin Rejuvenation PhotoFacial is a technology that utilizes infrared light to stimulate collagen and elastin by gently heating the skin up. With this heat, the skin can then become tighter creating a more lifted youthful appearance. 

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

Aside from its proven effectiveness, one of the primary benefits of PhotoFacial is that it doesn’t require that patients use topical products or medications to treat acne. It doesn’t dry out the skin, as many topical products do, and it doesn’t have the risks associated with many oral acne medications. Other treatment benefits include the following:

  • There’s no social downtime
  • Treatments are painless
  • Skin improvements are visible after just one treatment
  • Results are long-lasting
  • Treatments are quick and non-invasive

What To Expect

Once we confirm that PhotoFacial treatments are right for you, we can schedule your first appointment. Before beginning the treatment, we will apply a topical gel to your skin and then use the PhotoFacial device to address your treatment area. PhotoFacial is equipped with different-sized adapters to effectively treat both smaller and larger areas of the face and body with the right spot size.

Treatments typically take 15 minutes but may take longer if you choose to treat multiple areas during the same session. Once your treatment is over, you can resume most of your normal daily activities. Most patients need at least three treatments for optimal results. We design unique treatment plans for each patient based on their skin type, concerns, and ultimate goals.

Who It’s Right For

Our PhotoFacial is a good option for patients who want a non-invasive treatment that can correct skin imperfections, specifically discoloration, poor skin texture, rosacea, lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Patients with active acne and acne-prone skin make good candidates for Ethos Smooth Skin PhotoFacial treatments. If you’ve tried different products to treat acne and have been unsuccessful or don’t want to use certain medications to clear your skin, you may be the perfect candidate for Ethos Smooth Skin PhotoFacial treatments. We can schedule an initial consultation to confirm whether this PhotoFacial treatment is right for you and then begin a process that will heal your skin and prevent future acne.

Our Combination Treatment Options

In addition to our personalized PhotoFacial treatment plans, we also offer combination treatments so patients can address additional concerns. We can add a customized chemical peel to a Ethos Smooth Skin PhotoFacial treatment to enhance the treatment results and combat acne with multiple approaches. We can also combine  with a LaseMD™ treatment so patients can experience added skin resurfacing benefits as well. Ask us about our combination treatments during your consultation and we can discuss what the best option is to meet your skin’s exact needs. 

Achieve Brighter, Clearer, and Healthier Skin

Photofacials can rejuvenate, brighten, and clear the skin in ways many other treatments and products cannot. Whether you have acne or want to address hyperpigmentation, the signs of aging, or other skin imperfections, we can help. If you’re interested in learning more about our PhotoFacial and IPL treatments, we can give you more details about each and determine which will help you reach your skincare goals.