Safety of Botox® Injections and Fillers: How the Right Provider Keeps You Safe


Injectables such as dermal fillers and Botox® are excellent for plumping the skin, eliminating fine lines, and softening wrinkles. However, you likely have questions about the safety of Botox® injections and fillers, especially if you’ve never undergone this kind of treatment.

At Ethos MedSpa, we understand that our clients are concerned first and foremost about their health. That’s why we go above and beyond industry regulations to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our guests. To give you peace of mind, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines you can use to assess the safety of any facility⁠—including Ethos⁠—to ensure best practices are being followed.

What to Look for in a Medical Spa That Offers Cosmetic Injectables

A rule of thumb when evaluating a medical spa is to make sure they take the medical element seriously. For instance, any facility that offers cosmetic injectables should employ licensed medical professionals and use only safe, FDA-approved fillers. These are indicators that the facility prioritizes the safety of Botox® injections and fillers over convenience or profit.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what you should look for…

1) They Employ Medical Professionals.

Delivering cosmetic injectables is a medical procedure, so it should always be overseen by a medical professional. Working with an unlicensed provider puts you at risk of unfavorable results or even dangerous side effects. At Ethos MedSpa, a registered nurse administers all dermal fillers and Botox® injections. An MD who serves as medical director also oversees all services we offer. This means you can be confident that your procedure will be performed safely and correctly.

2) They Require an Initial Consultation.

No two people have the same skin or skin concerns. And there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cosmetic treatment. To make sure you receive personalized care, you must attend an initial consultation before receiving any injectable. At Ethos, we require all clients to book a consultation with a registered nurse. At this appointment, a licensed professional will assess your skin, discuss possible options, and guide you to an informed decision about treatment. By considering your health conditions and skin concerns, we ensure that you only receive treatments that will be safe and effective for you.

3) They Use the Best-Available Equipment.

One of the most important tests of a medical spa’s quality is the type of equipment and materials they use on clients. A reputable medical spa such as Ethos should continually invest in new equipment and training to improve safety, comfort, and efficacy. At the same time, they should only offer treatments that are known to be safe. In the US, that means that they use FDA-approved fillers and injectables that have gone through rigorous testing to ensure their safety.

Ethos MedSpa, for example, only offers FDA-approved fillers and injectables, which include the following:

  • Botox®
  • Dysport
  • Restylane
  • Juvederm
  • Juvederm Voluma

Avoid any provider that offers unauthorized fillers. As these products have not undergone these tests, they are not guaranteed to be safe.

4) They Provide Aftercare Instructions.

Cosmetic injections may be safe and nearly painless. But they still introduce a foreign material into your body, which can cause problems without proper aftercare. For instance, exercising too soon after Botox® injections can increase the likelihood of bruising. Or, in rare cases, it can spread the botulinum toxin further into your body.

That’s why any med spa you visit should offer comprehensive aftercare instructions. This is to ensure a safe and seamless experience even after you’ve left the facility. As part of our commitment to safety, we offer clear instructions on caring for your skin after each session. We ensure you get the results you expect.

5) They Go Above and Beyond to Ensure Safety.


Finally, you should look for a medspa that goes above and beyond when it comes to the safety of Botox® injections and fillers. Some spas barely check the boxes when it comes to safety regulations. But others such as Ethos take extra steps to keep safety at the forefront of every procedure. For instance, our registered nurse uses a Clarius L20 HD ultrasound device to map out veins and arteries to make sure fillers are injected where they should be.

Why Ethos MedSpa Uses the Clarius L20 HD for Cosmetic Injection Safety

Ethos MedSpa is one of few medical spas using advanced ultrasound technology to improve the safety of Botox® injections and fillers. Although rare, some of the more serious injectable side effects occur when a technician does not know accurate anatomy and punctures a vein or artery. Ultrasounds ensure that doesn’t happen.

Ultrasound technology is not required for medical spas in Missouri. However, Aeron—Ethos MedSpa’s director and a BSN-RN—decided to acquire the Clarius L20 HD ultrasound scanner because he’s committed to ensuring the safety of his patients when injecting dermal fillers. 

He chose this device because it’s made by an extremely reputable company. Many other injectors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons in other states utilize this same device. 

The technology works by precisely mapping out blood vessels the technician is injecting around to ensure the depth of the vessel and to make sure there are no anatomical abnormalities that could cause an adverse event. By imaging your unique anatomy, we can be sure that filler goes exactly where it should and nowhere else.

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“We utilize the ultrasound to ensure absolute safety and comfort for the patient when getting filler services.”

– Aeron, Director & BSN-RN

Our early adoption of this technology is just one way we go beyond the competition to keep clients healthy.

What to Keep in Mind about the Safety of Botox® Injections and Dermal Fillers

The number one thing to remember is that Botox® injections and dermal fillers are safe and effective when performed by a reputable provider. These treatments are FDA approved and, in most cases, come with only minimal and minor side effects. That said, you should always do your due diligence before trusting a medical spa with your skin. No reputable med spa will try to pass off aging equipment, unapproved fillers, or untrained staff as acceptable, and you shouldn’t let them.

Key signs of quality to look for include the following:

  • Trained medical staff and high-quality equipment
  • Personalized, comprehensive care process (including both pre-procedure consultations and post-procedure aftercare)
  • Commitment to safety above and beyond regulations

Transparency is also important on a topic as important as your health. You deserve to have all the information available to you when it comes to the safety of Botox® injections and fillers. If you have any questions about how Ethos MedSpa keeps you safe during your procedure, our staff members are happy to talk you through your concerns.

Are you ready to transform your skin safely? If so, learn more about our Botox® and dermal fillers today!

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