Plumping Your Pout: How to Get Fuller Lips

Looking to Get Help for Thin Lips?

No matter what social media might have you believe, not everyone is gifted with thick, pouty, full lips. Even those who are often find their lips shrinking as they get older. This natural but frustrating process happens as the body loses collagen, the protein that makes skin and lips appear plump. And it’s why so many people are searching for how to get fuller lips.

If your lips aren’t what you wish they were (or what they used to be), don’t worry. Many strategies that can help you achieve more volume, ranging from makeup quick fixes to long-lasting fillers. Whatever your specific goals, this guide will help you enhance your natural beauty by giving your lips the attention they deserve!

How to Get Fuller Lips

All lips are beautiful, but if you’re looking for some extra oomph, there are many options for how to get fuller lips. The best choice for you depends on a few things:

  • Effect: The most obvious consideration is your desired results. How drastic of a change are you looking for, and what specific shape would best highlight your other features?
  • Permanence: The options below vary dramatically in how long their results last. Are you looking to complement your look for a night out or add volume that will last for months? Along the same lines, do you like to switch things up to follow trends, or are you ready to commit to a style long-term?
  • Effort: Effort goes hand in hand with permanence, but it’s less straightforward than it might seem. Some options like makeup require minimal effort, but you’ll have to redo them every time you go out. Others require a little more work up-front, but you only need to do them once every few months or years.
  • Cost: Finally, there’s no getting around the budget. Technically, you can get fuller lips for the price of a lip liner. But are you looking for the most affordable option, or can you afford to invest a little more in lasting results?

Of course, you should never neglect your health in search of fuller lips. There are many safe ways to enhance your lips, ranging from makeup to Botox®, but there are also gimmicky products that do more harm than good. Plumping devices, especially suction-based plumpers, can cause bruising, irritation, and cracking. They can even ruin your smile. These tools are best avoided, as their temporary results aren’t worth the potential harm. Instead, choose one of the following safe and effective approaches.

1) Up Your Self-Care Game

Although hydration and exfoliation won’t solve everything, there’s no denying that a healthy lip looks plumper and livelier than a neglected one. No matter what other measures you take, you should first be sure you have the basics down: 

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exfoliate flaky skin with a washcloth (but don’t pick at it).
  • Use balms and masks to keep your lips supple. 

If you need help for thin lips, you’d be surprised at how effective these steps can be.

2) Use Makeup to Your Advantage

The simplest and most affordable way to enhance your pout is to use makeup. That’s why it’s often recommended to those wondering how to get fuller lips. Some simple makeup strategies to enhance your lips include the following:

  • Overlining your lips
  • Using a shiny gloss, either on top of lipstick or on its own
  • Contouring to add depth

Experimenting with makeup is an easy way to feel more confident in your lips. The downside, of course, is that it is as temporary as it gets. Once you find a look that works, you’ll need to reapply it every time, which becomes time-consuming. 

3) Try a Lip-Plumping Gloss

A slightly more intense makeup-based approach for how to get fuller lips is to use a plumping gloss to increase volume. These glosses work by slightly irritating the skin, causing the lips to swell as blood flow increases. They use ingredients ranging from cinnamon to capsicum (found in spicy peppers) to trigger this response. Some even include bee venom.

If it sounds a little dicey, that’s because it is. Although plumping glosses are completely safe for temporary use, assuming you aren’t allergic to the ingredients, they can cause dryness and irritation over time. They also become less effective with repeated use, so they aren’t suitable long-term solutions.

4) Apply Topical Treatments at Home

Not to be confused with plumping glosses, topical treatments are designed to provide lasting changes to the lip’s shape. Formulas such as iS CLINICAL’s Youth Lip Elixir combine hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid with antioxidants to plump and firm the lips while redefining the lip contour itself. These high-quality treatments work on several levels, providing instant plumping results while also improving health and appearance in the long term. However, they must be used continuously for maximum results, and the effects are subtle rather than dramatic.

That said, if you need help for thin lips and want to see a gradual change in volume, a product like the one from iS CLINICAL’s skincare line is worth checking out. 


5) Visit a Medical Spa for Lip Filler

Lip fillers are the popular answer for how to get fuller lips, and for a good reason. Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm offer dramatic but still natural volume, with results lasting from six months to two years. If you’re serious about getting bigger lips, filler might be the best choice for you. However, keep in mind that fillers can be a commitment, requiring regular sessions to maintain the results. You might also need to have lip filler dissolved periodically if it migrates or you need to give your lips a clean slate before further treatments. 

6) Undergo a Botox® Lip Flip

While everyone knows about lip filler, few are familiar with the lip flip. A lip flip uses Botox® to relax the area around the upper lip, lightly defining the lip’s shape while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Although lip flips offer quick, natural-looking results, they only offer temporary fullness. To maintain the effect, you’ll need to repeat the procedure every 3-4 months. Lip flips are an excellent option if you’re seeking a subtle look that highlights your natural features—so long as you choose a provider that prioritizes safety when it comes to injectables.


If you’re wondering how to get fuller lips, you shouldn’t feel limited to only one option. Noninvasive topical treatments promote lasting skin health while also plumping and defining lips. For more dramatic results, Ethos MedSpa provides Botox® and dermal filler treatments, which help you maintain the shape you want for months to years.


If you live in the greater St. Louis area and are seeking enduring smoothness and fullness, consider getting one of these treatments at Ethos MedSpa in Clayton, MO.


Whether you’re interested in lip filler or a Botox® lip flip, one of our experienced estheticians can help you decide on the right approach for your unique needs. Learn more about Botox® and dermal fillers today!

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